2A Gun Show Shipping Policy

The 2A Gun Show shipping policy outlines our company’s general shipping standards and goals.

Shipping Methods and Pricing
The 2A Gun Show system works with USPS, FedEx, and UPS. As such, you can expect your shipment to be fulfilled by one of these preferred carriers. All shipping originates from seller's locations, and fulfillment is wholly the responsibility of the seller.

Pricing is calculated at checkout and is subject to change based on the buyer's distance from the shipping location.

Shipping Locations
Shipping is only available within the United States and its territories.​​​​​​​

Expected Shipping and Handling Timeframes.
Shipping times vary based on variables and delays outside our control. Based on the selected shipping method at checkout, users can expect shipping times to take 1-10 days. Processing times are dependent on sellers but 2A Gun Show encourage a 48 hour process and shipping time.