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What products does sell?
Answer: Great question! Our sellers are welcome to list firearms, ammo, optics, magazines, knives, survival gear, and merchandise. We also allow instructors to promote their firearms courses. Our goal is to be the number one resource for buyers and sellers in the firearms industry. Be sure to subscribe to the 2A Gun Show Newsletter to receive new product and seller announcements!

Can anyone sell a gun on
Yes, so long as our sellers adhere to and follow all the rules and requirements as mandated by state and federal law. Our goal is to provide our sellers with the best level of service and transparency while encouraging them to educate themselves on local and federal laws pertaining to firearm sales. If you are an FFL, please also consider joining our Preferred FFL Network, today!

What are the shipping/handling policies?
Answer: 2A Gun Show uses standard retail rates for shipping that automatically calculates shipping costs based on the item’s origination and destination locations. 2A Gun Show also provides the ability for sellers to set flat rate shipping fees, or to not charge any shipping fees at all. We do not mark up any cost on shipping fees. 2A Gun Show sellers are not able to mark up calculated shipping costs, they are only able to set a flat rate shipping fee. See our shipping policy.

Are there any fees or taxes when I buy a gun?
Answer: Buyers do not pay any fees other than what is displayed on the web interface. Tax obligations are outlined in our Terms of Service.

What documents do I need to present in order to buy a gun?
Answer: A valid state driver’s license or state ID is necessary, some states require additional regulations such as conceal carry, or a state-issued permit, depending on the firearm being purchased. Check your state requirements here.

Is my personal information safe with
Answer: Absolutely. 2A Gun Show never sells or shares any of your personal information your information to any third-party. See here for full information on our Privacy Policy.